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Finally, a law firm
that keeps up.

One thousand attempts at the light bulb?  We have conducted thousands of attorney consultations.  Our clients have spent $1000s in attorneys’ fees for contract drafting.  Because of Edison, we have lightning fast electricity, on demand.  We felt the same should be true for legal services – reliably fast contracts, on demand, designed to protect your specific legal risks and achieve your business objectives.

Take the next step.  Try it out today.  And experience the InPrime difference (within minutes and not weeks).

Draft a Contract

You have customers to sign and people to hire.  We created this platform to help you move faster.

Have us review a Contract

Your InPrime Legal Team will perform a cursory review of your contract within three business days, at no additional charge.

Schedule a Live Meeting

Schedule a meeting with a team member to discuss your experience and learn about the InPrime difference.

Learn about the InPrime Difference

See why businesses of all sizes rely on InPrime for all their business legal needs.


Consultant John Carlton said the world’s greatest invention is . . . the deadline (something lawyers tend to ignore). Without the deadline, nothing else of consequence would ever have been invented or accomplished. You need your contracts on time because you have goals to achieve and milestones to exceed.  This is why we created InPrime's Contract Management Platform. To get you reliably fast contracts, right now and tailor-fit for your business.

Jonathan Page & Nicholas Broder

InPrime Business Attorneys

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